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BIZAV: a big asset for small businesses

February 5’s US House of Representatives Small Business Committee session saw prominent players in the business aviation industry highlight its importance to small businesses across the country.

Jamail Larkins, CEO of a sales and charter company specializing in piston aircraft – was among them. “Over the years, I have found that one of the most effective ways to sell business aircraft is to use business aircraft,” Larkins said during the committee hearing. “With a business airplane, I can seize opportunities as they arise.

The airplane enables me to meet face-to-face with potential clients. That level of service and accountability helps me get a leg up on my competition and build my company.”

Larkins continued to outline several ways to which FAA could better work with companies like his. He referred to the current backlog of training centers that await certification. “We need for FAA to find ways to streamline its approval processes for these companies,” he explained.

The recent collaboration to streamline RVSM operations was also mentioned as a perfect example of how FAA could work with business aviation providers to find “similar areas where authorization procedures can safely be made more workable for operators today,” as Larkins put it.

Besides Larkins, John Uczekaj, president and CEO of a business aviation company, testified before the committee and GAMA.

Uczekaj pointed out the necessity of instituting clear procedures in order to make the required collaboration with FAA more efficient. “To be successful,” he said, “businesses, and in particular small businesses, need to clearly understand the tasks and be able to expect FAA to respond in a timely fashion. The money saved by instituting clear procedures, consistent training, and detailed certification guidelines to FAA personnel would boost productivity, grow the industry, and secure jobs.”

Uczekaj also called on Congress to focus on helping small aviation-related businesses by working in a bipartisan fashion, such as that which resulted in passage of the Small Airplane Revitalization Act in December, 2013.

Fonte: Fly Corporate (06/02/2014)

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