Business Aviation spreads its wings over the whole Latin America and experiences unprecedented growth rates. Never in history, had the region's countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Chile enjoyed so striving development, which is predicted to continue in years ahead.

Bell 407

Bell 407

As the chosen place for the Latin America Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, Brazil has plenty of business opportunities, with well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service industries. Benefiting from this strong economy, business aviation is also booming in the country, offering profitable opportunities for aircraft manufacturers. In fact, Brazil is already the Latin America's second-largest market for business aircraft and ranks fifth in the globe, considering turbo-props, jets,
and rotorcraft.


Aviation equipment and services,
as well as large to small fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters will find no less than a robust market with potential to grow in a steady pace. Offering momentum for business, LABACE has proven to be the most important aviation event in the region. Being a real meeting spot for demand and offer, the show steeply increases its participation in Latin America's business aviation, by providing exhibitors with hot prospective opportunities and attendees with a wide range of aviation solutions.



Every year a new audience record is established and the show's double-digit growth speaks for itself. LABACE 2008, occurred at Congonhas Airport in São Paulo city last August, drew more than 11,130 attendees in three days – astonishingly 83% more than the
previous year.

Close to 50 aircraft were showcased on the static display and a total of 90 top exhibitors welcomed the public with premium products and services.

Surpassing even the most optimistic expectations, sales and agreements registered a 60% increase compared with last year's and summed up over US$ 340 million – not to mention the number of leads and deals started up during LABACE.

The event is organized by Associação Brasileira de Aviação Geral – ABAG – partnered with the NBAA, which is also in charge of other major business aviation events worldwide.

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Bombardier Global 5000

Bombardier Global 5000


Visitation Data 2008
Labace 2008: A+ class visitors, top executives from large corporations (Presidents, CEOs and Vice-Presidents) and Business Aviation sales executives were exposed to brands from all over the world.






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Visitation Data 2008

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