LABACE 2009: Congonhas Airport – Avenida Washington Luís, 6000 – Portão 3 – VASPEX São PauloBrazil






Latin American market
soars steadily

Business Aviation spreads its wings over the whole Latin America and experiences unprecedented growth rates.
Never in history, had the region's countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina, enjoyed so striving development, which is predicted to continue in years ahead.
As the chosen place for the Latin America Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, Brazil has plenty of business opportunities, with well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service industries. Benefiting from this strong economy, business aviation is also booming in the country, offering profitable opportunities for aircraft manufacturers. In fact, Brazil is already the Latin America's second-largest market for business aircraft and ranks fifth in the globe, considering turbo-props, jets, and rotorcraft.

Aviation equipment and services, as well as large to small fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters will find no less than a robust market with potential to grow in a steady pace. Offering momentum for business, LABACE has proven to be the most important aviation event in the region. Being a real meeting spot for demand and offer, the show steeply increases its participation in Latin America's business aviation, by providing exhibitors with hot prospective opportunities and attendees with a wide range of aviation solutions. I would like to thank the companies that contributed for the notable success of LABACE 2008.

The show could have never been as special without your commitment. Meanwhile, I take the opportunity to invite the ones who thrust – as ABAG does – in Latin America's business potential to join us in the 2009's edition!

Rui Aquino
ABAG / President


“In 2005 we had only one product. Today we have 6 models and a backlog of US$ 6 billion. Business aviation went from 5% to 16% of Embraer’s totalrevenue in 2005. We were delivering 11 to 13 Legacy’s per year, this year we will deliver almost 35. We follow a philosophy of positioning all our products as the best of its category. This is the result of the strength of the engeneering sector and Embraer’s great industrial and financial capacity, as well as the company’s experience in developing.”

Luís Carlos Affonso
Embraer / VP

“The market continues to grow. The last GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association) report contains extraordinary figures. The number of turbo props delivered rose 20% and jets, 40%. We could not be happier. Bombardier manufactures a Premium product whith superior quality and in 2008 their Brazilian fleet will surpass 100th marks. The same is true for Agusta Westland.
In the second year of the partnership there was an increase of 40%. LABACE has a very focused audience, which visits the show to do business.
The event has already proven to bring outstanding results.”

José Eduardo Brandão
Oceanair / Director

“The brazilian wide cabin market has been very active the last five years.
We are the leaders of this segment in the country, with almost 70% market share. In fact, our fleet is just under 20 aircraft in the country (Brazil) but this should double in the next 5 years.”

John Rosanvallon
Dassault Falcon CEO

“Latin America corresponds to 6 to 8% four sales and deliveries. Our market share in the region is 28%. Mexico and Brazil are our largest clients. And the tendency of the Brazilian market is to gain importance due to its growth. In Brazil we have 92 planes, 86 of them from Learjet family.”

Fábio Rebello
Bombardier Sales / VP AL

Source: LABACENEWS 2008